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An immersive audio time capsule to collect the world's ideas
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Collect and Share Ideas

Pearls of Wisdom is an immersive recording booth experience, designed to gather and share spoken thoughts. The Pearl can collect any audio idea; points of view, memories of a loved one, company feedback. Sharing is two-way, visitors receive a pre-recorded example before being asked to record their own contribution. The result is a digital database of audio clips to be listened to again and again.

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Voices Matter 

Pearls of Wisdom gives individuals a chance to add their voice to a collective community. Far from the noise and screens of social media, this is a tactile, intimate way for people to contribute their ideas. This playful conversation starter will live on in the memory everyone who uses it.

Listen to an example
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Meet the Pearl

An impressive immersive installation with a mirrored exterior, Pearls of Wisdom makes an impact in any environment by reflecting its surroundings, and sparking curiosity. The interior is plush and inviting, creating an intimate one-to-one experience for visitors. The Pearl itself is a glowing, tactile orb in the centre of the installation that emits and records audio.

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Collecting wisdom your way

‍Record your own message, ask your visitors anything, turn The Pearl your colour of choice. Pearls of Wisdom can be customised to your needs.

Use Pearls of Wisdom to collect...

  • New ideas at your festival
  • Contributions during your exhibition
  • Feedback at your company event
  • Memories at your private celebration
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“Meeting The Pearl feels almost magical; everyone who went in came out with a big smile on their face.”
“A unique and exciting way to collect people’s thoughts and feelings.”
“Pearls of Wisdom was the talking point of the event; everyone wanted to leave their message.”
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